Monday, February 13, 2012

For Finding Peace of Mind Through Forgiveness

Our prayerbook prayer for tonight:
For Finding Peace of Mind Through Forgiveness

     To Your Father-heart I come today, Lord God, seeking peace of mind.  I am distressed and perturbed, irritated and worried.  I am dissatisfied with myself and the world around me.  My sinful heart is rebellious, my day is filled with envy, and my feelings are so easily hurt.  I know, O  Lord, that I am at fault.  I have not opened my heart to You, nor have I given service and consideration to those with whom I live in this home and to those with whom I must work throughout the day.  Everything annoys me, I must confess.  Those with whom I work get on my nerves.  O God, I admit that it is I, my sins, my lovelessness, which create these situations.  Therefore, I come to You, asking You for grace to conquer myself.  Restore to me the desire to walk in Your presence, and let me live in the sunshine of Your love.
      Forgive me all my sins, and fill my soul with peace.  Go with me, Lord, throughout the day, put my mind at ease, and speak peace to my soul through that reconciliation which is found in the Cross of Jesus, my Savior.  Amen

prayer from My Prayer Book, published by Concordia Publishing House, 1980.

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