Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh wait, I write a blog????

And yet again, my four loyal followers may be wondering where I've been...And the answer is, I really don't know!  It was so good to have the Big Sarge home for two weeks of leave, but I've not really gotten back into the groove since he left.  Fatigue and discombobulation reign here at the LoveShack.  I believe that we have hit.....
the wall.....yep, that's what my head is smacking up against lately.  It's been great.

But, I am actually hoping that school will help.  I'm hoping our first day will be August 15 - that gives me a little room to take off some time when Big Sarge is FINALLY HOME!!!!  I'm hoping that back on a stricter schedule with everyone knowing what each day (in theory) will bring will help.  Also beginning a major overhaul of our schoolroom, in the hopes that a little more order might help, too. 

In other biggest is away at camp.  Sigh.  And while the LadyBug has traditionally been a bit more cautious and not-so-keen on new stuff....she was pretty much like, 'see ya!'....and I was glad. 
yep, that's a tepee...better her than me!

I miss her this week, and am DYING to know what she's up to (the first time ever that she's up to lots of stuff without me), but mostly, I'm glad she's there.  LadyBug is our family anxiety sponge - and this deployment has been tough on her.  She and Big Sarge are birds of a feather and so she misses him most particularly - and she frets about all of us.  So, I'm glad that she's got a whole five days to do nothing but be a kid. 

I'm off to put some shelves together.....drink a coffee.....and watch an episode of my new favorite show - Midsomer Murders.
But, more on that later.....

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