Saturday, July 2, 2011

where the heck have I been????

So, still digging out of the housekeeping hole that comes from two weeks of Big Sarge home (yippee!!!!), followed very closely by five days with my brother and nephew (yippee, again!!).  But, here are some highlights for both of my loyal followers!
Daddie TOTALLY surprised us all - he snuck in the back
door and made us all scream like little girls - which made the Griz cry like a baby. 
 But, WHO CARES!!!

Trip to Lake Codorus - nothing like some water and
sunshine to brighten up your day!

Catoctin Zoo - everyone loved the deer - especially the Griz
who apparently ain't afraid of nothin' or nobody!

The Ladybug, The Firecracker and the Griz...ain't they cute!

The Griz's first swinginginginging...can't stop!

The boys hamming it up!

People movers at the airport!
Look - we're smiling even though we don't want to!

We don't travel without our Grammie!  We love Grammie!

So, that's the leave that was.....come on Christmas so we can have him home for good!

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