Monday, May 30, 2011

misuse of government equipment

Happy Memorial Day! 

Although it's one of those things in life that when you think about it, really isn't exactly 'happy.'

I took the girls to the parade today....was nice to be out with just the 'bigs' since the Griz went home with Grammie since it was so blasted hot today.  And I was hatching a devious plot.....

This is a traffic camera:
That street light looking thing on the loopy stand thing (technical, I know) looks up Baltimore Street where it meets Steinwehr Ave.  This is what he could see.

And I knew that Big Sarge knew about it because he told me that he watched it to check the weather where we are and when he gets homesick!  And if you know me, you will know that I would never know a thing about traffic cams if it weren't for the Big Sarge....

I emailed Big Sarge and mentioned that it would be cool if he got online when the parade was going on so we could watch it together.  Not exactly why PennDot put that camera there, but might as well use it for something good.

We got to Baltimore Street about 1:30 and picked out spots right next to the tent they set up for the wounded warriors (which was totally cool in itself since I got a chance to speak with a few of the wives and children.......awesome). 

We busted out our sign:

And held it up tall and proud for Big Sarge to see!  And he did!  Granted, he really couldn't read it, but he knew that it was for him.  And all intense cutie-ness of the blonde girls attracted a lot of attention.  We were interviewed for Fox News, got lots of 'thank you's' for us and Big Sarge and had a great time.  All the folks got a kick out of the furious texting back and forth between G-burg and the desert....especially when Big Dad mentioned that one of the bigs ought to sit still since he could see them wandering around on camera!  The only bummer was that the news people didn't use the part of the interview where I told the whole world how proud we were of our soldier.....guess we'll have to tell him in person.

And then ice cream at the Sunset:

The Ladybug downs some cheesecake swirl.

Firecracker opts for watermelon.
And Mama let everyone stay up late to watch How To Train Your Dragon (cute, but a disappointment after reading the book).

A good, small-town kind of day......but, true freedom will never come from anything on this earth but only comes from the Lord of Heaven and Earth - the risen and reigning Jesus Christ. 

Pray for our men and women in harm's way, away from home, training and serving wherever they are.  Pray for their families - their husbands, wives, parents and children.  Pray for those who mourn the loss of their soldiers.  Pray for the injured to heal.  Pray for peace.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.

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