Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend plans

getting my ducks in a row....
Top of my list of weekend stuff is Nana-sitting!  With my Dad out of town, I am blessed to get the responsibility of checking in on my 92-year old Nana this weekend. 

Yep, it interrupts my day.  Yep, I gotta stick the kids somewhere in case she needs my attention (thanks, Hoffmans!).  But what a gift she is to all of us.  Pray for her.....her youngest child passed away last week, she has profound hearing loss (which is unbearably frustrating for her), she's been alone since PopPop died when I was a baby, and she's ready to go home and be with her Lord.  The kids and I took her out to supper tonight and I'm sure we were a sight.....from 92 to 7 months gathered round a table.  And, I guess some people might think that we are kind for taking her out - but I know that we are the ones blessed by her presence, her testimony and her spunkiness. 

Far down on the list of priorities:
-restocking some supplies for the Griz's formula from radiant life.  Someday soon, I'll do post and tutorial about this and tell the story of my nursing journey with my little man.
-making a final decision about Latin curriculum....leaning towards Prima Latina for Ladybug.
-finding the Griz some summer shoes...I like these .
-carving out some time with the Lord - my heart is totally unprepared for the Big Sarge to be home for mid-tour leave soon....(well, this isn't exactly 'far down' on the list of priorities.....but, I still wonder if I'll get to it....sigh)..., really.....sleep is a MAJOR issue at the LoveShack......

Happy Weekend to all......

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