Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Report

So, did I manage to accomplish anything on the weekend list?????  Drum roll, please.....

That would be....


Except hanging out with my Nana....although she totally dissed me today in favor of having lunch with one of her girlfriends.  Stood up by an old lady....a banner day!  Actually, I thought the whole thing was cool - I hope to be with it enough at her age to still go out to lunch with my girlfriends! 

Otherwise, a total loss on the list of things to get done!  But, I hung out with my kids, did a pile of laundry, and got to church this morning. 

Yeah, and about that church thing......wanna guess what percentage of the sermon I actually heard today?  If you guessed about 2%, you're close.  And this would be why:

Not exactly conducive to Mama getting to listen to the sermon...which is a bummer, since Tyler was preaching today - a rare and excellent treat.  So it was back the nursery for me.  In the end,  I was glad of it, though - the baby nursery was hopping this morning and it was a great time of fellowship and chit-chat with a great bunch of ladies.  We are each of us faced with a unique set of difficulties, challenges and blessings - but we hold in common a great love for our children, the desire to ever be better mothers and wives and the need for real, honest fellowship. It was a great morning!
Back to the grindstone for me......portfolio this week!  Blessed week to all!

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